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AP Statistics Research Project

The research presentation will consist of a 15 minute summary of your project. The purpose is to show your classmates what you did with your research.

The presentation is to be guided by a slideshow of some type. The slides should contain a summary of each section of the research paper. Include any and all information that you feel the audience should know. Slides should contain brief text in bulleted form and serve as an outline of your presentation (don't read them to the audience). You may also include other visual aids such as a video or a poster.

There are four parts to the presentation:

  1. Summary of Research - introduce your topic by summarizing your research and setting up interest in the remainder of the presentation
  2. Summary of Data - discuss the method of data collection used and show the results of your analysis of the data
  3. Class Interaction - An interactive class activity related to your project. This can be a game, a simulation, an experiment or trivia. Be creative!
  4. Q&A - The class (and teacher) ask questions about your project

Each of the first 3 parts above should last approximately 4-5 minutes and must be led by a different member of your group. All group members will participate in the Q&A.

The presentations will take place during the last week of class, including final exam periods. You will use the computer and LCD projector in class for your PowerPoint. Please make sure that all of your technology works at least one day before your presentation.

For this year's presentation schedule, click here

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