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AP Statistics Research Project

Description: The project will be a culminating activity, drawing on much of what you have learned in this class. The project will be done in groups of three. Each group will explore a research topic of interest and perform a survey, experiment, observational study or simulation related to that topic. The group will then write a report summarizing the results of the study. Finally, all three members of the group will present the project to the class.

NOTE: It expected that nearly 100% of the time working on your project will be IN CLASS. The one exception to this rule is data collection, as you will likely have to schedule time with your group outside of class to conduct your experiment or observational study..

Technology Requirements: There will be an emphasis on the use of technology for this project. You will be graded on your ability to effectively use the power of the personal computer in conducting your research, analysis and presentation of findings.

1. The Internet will be the primary source for your research.
2. The written report will be done in Google Docs and Google Classroom
3. Google Sheets will be used for data analysis, charts and graphs.
4. A Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides or Prezi slideshow must accompany the oral presentation.
5. You may also include a video with your presentation (optional).

Requirements of the Research: Research must come from a variety of sources, chief among those being the Internet. When gathering information from the Internet, keep the following in mind:

1. Seek information from known, trustworthy sources
2. Critique the information for validity
3. Always cite your sources (all URL’s must be noted)

Requirements of the Paper: The paper will consist of a summary of your research and experiment(s) as well as your personal conclusions. The goal is to enlighten the reader with words, numbers and pictures. Use the following format:

1. Title Page (title of paper, graphic(s), group members, year)
2. Introduction (state topic, project goals and direction)
3. Summary of Research (data, statistics, charts, graphs, sources)
4. Summary of Experiment (methods, analysis, charts, graphs of results)
5. Final Summary of Project (each member writes their own)
6. Works Cited Page (cite all sources – print and Internet)

You should perform both exploratory data analysis and inference with your data. Data should be supported by appropriate graphs. Also, emphasize the processes used to collect and analyze your data. There is no set page requirement. Just write a thorough paper and explore your topic as best you can within the given time frame.

Requirements of the Presentation: At the conclusion of the research project, each group will present some interesting aspects of their research to the class. The presentation must be supported with an interactive PowerPoint slide show. The presentation will last 15 minutes, structured as follows.

1. Summary of Research results
2. Summary of Experiment results
3. An interactive class activity related to your project
4. Question and answer session with class

Each of the first 3 parts of the presentation should last about 4-5 minutes with a different group member leading each part. All group members will take part in the Q&A portion.

Time Line:  Use the following to pace your project and ensure prompt completion.

1. Project proposal due - Tue/Wed, May 19/20
2. Research update due - Thu/Fri, May 21/22
3. Summary of data collection/analysis due - Tue/Wed, May 26/27
4. Written paper due - Day of Final Exam (Thu/Fri, May 28/29)
5. Presentation - Final Exam Day
(Tue, June 2)

One printed and one emailed copy of the paper are due on the date above - NO EXCEPTIONS. All groups will present the final exam day. The order will be determined randomly on that day.

Grading: The project is worth 100 points, itemized as follows.

Group Research Paper................................ 50 points
Individual Summary of Project .................... 10 points*
Group Presentation ................................... 30 points
Attendance............................................... 10 points*

Note that attendance is a component of your project grade. Your presence is required by your group everyday!

*Each individual is given a separate grade on these parts. The other parts are group grades.

Suggestions to make your project most enjoyable:

  • Pick a topic that you will all find to be fun and easy to research.
  • Use class computer time wisely and divide up responsibilities among group members.
  • You don’t need to kill yourself, but don’t under-represent your ability either.
  • Be creative with your presentation while maintaining the focus of the project.

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