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My name is Dan Shuster and this is my 26th year teaching math and computer science at Royal High School. My website is here to provide a resource for student learning and to promote school-to-home communication. Please explore all I have to offer for your subject using the links on the left. UTTT

There are also some helpful external links in the upper left (they will open in their own tab/window).

News and Notes

AP Statistics Students:   Quiz1   Quiz2   Quiz3   Quiz4   Quiz5   Quiz6
MC Quiz Scores    FR Quiz1     Barron's Exercises     today's quiz

CP Statistics Students:
  Chap. 9.2 Notes      Reeses Pieces Simulation

Binomial Worksheet 1 Binomial Worksheet 2 Binomial Worksheet 3

Geometric PPT      Geometric Exercises    Review of Discrete, Binomial, Geometric

Discrete Random Variable Notes 1 Discrete Random Variable Notes 2

Probability PowerPoints

Probability Intro Describing Probability Probability Basic Rules
Venn Diagrams Tree Diagrams Conditional Probability

5-Number Summary BoxPlot Histogram Stemplot

AP Comp-Sci: 2D Array Quiz    Parent Email    SCRATCH

Computer Programming Students:
Code.org class registration: Click here Section Code is PVGZRU
CodeHS.com - Karel the Dog: Click here Class Code is 5EF7
AP Comp-Sci AMPLIFY curriculum: Click here
Khan Academy JavaScript course: Click here Coach Code is 5HV95M
Lego Robotics Riley Rover Instructions here


Thought for the Day:

"Success comes not as much by changing the circumstances of our lives as by changing our attitude toward them."

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