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CP Statistics Research Project

The research paper is to be typed, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font on 8 ½” x 11” paper with 1 inch margins on all 4 sides. Below is a description of the sections of the paper and what I expect to see. There is also an estimate on the length of each section. Your completed paper will be sublitted via Google Classroom - there is no need to provide a printed copy.  

  1. Title Page - 1 page
    1. Catchy title for the project
    2. An appropriate graphic image or two
    3. Names of group members
    4. Year (2016)
  2. Introduction - 1 page
    1. Topic introduction
    2. Detail the goals of the project
    3. Summarize the entire project in a page
  3. Research Summary - 1-2 pages
    1. Find research on or related to your topic
    2. Can include same or similar research previously done
    3. Background information or history/trivia on your topic
    4. The idea is to set up the reader to be more informed and interested in the topic
  4. Data Collection - 1 page
    1. Description of the method(s) used to select your sample
    2. Include a copy of your survey questions used
    3. Be sure to include any shortcomings of your results due to limitations of your data collection methods
  5. Data Analysis - 2 pages
    1. Summary of the data - charts, tables, graphs
    2. Summary of the analysis - what conclusions did you get from the data
  6. Works Cited Page - 1 page
    1. Cite written and/or internet sources using standard MLA style
    2. To use a citation generator, try knightcite.com
  7. Conclusions - 1 page each (Each group member writes their own conclusion)
    1. Summarize the project
    2. Detail what was learned/gained by your participation in the project


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